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Where viral videos & AI intersect.

The  best  AI-fueled  viral  video  writer  for  every creator

Transform viewers into followers and turn those followers into customers by harnessing the power of cutting-edge AI for viral video scriptwriting. Yes, it really can be automated, and no, you're not dreaming.

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We worked with Carla and her team creating content for years. Most recently her process has helped us write a book in a weekend. Super pumped for!!

Nina RoccoCEO, Rocc Body Fitness

Fast-paced, highly actionable, and all-around epic!

Simon KozlowskiCEO at HyperGrowth

Carla is always creating solutions that help people make a bigger impact without the risk of spending thousands on costly plans or solutions. I'm so ready for this!

Eileen WilderCEO, Wilder Coaching

Simply put, Buzzworthy is going to be an epic tool that I need to help get my message out in a way that is fresh and fun. Can't wait!

Carissa WooCoach & CEO

Create loyal fans who cherish your message

Trust is key to successful business growth. Buzzworthy crafts captivating scripts that keep viewers hooked from beginning to end, easily turning them into lifelong customers.

AI driven creativity for extraordinary results

  • AI-Powered content strategies
  • Tested communication techniques
  • Emulating trending topics
  • Relevant and engaging for your audience

Seriously increase your conversion rate

  • Deliver value consistently
  • Bond with your audience
  • Set it on cruise control

Tailored buzzworthy content designed for you


The “Perfect” Script

Get ready for scroll-stopping hooks and super valuable content, all inspired by the Perfect Webinar formula

Custom Tailored

Content that’s tailored to your brand and in tune with what’s trending in your industry

Beyond Good Prompts

We’ve taken things to the next level with cutting-edge AI features are even more impressive than ChatGPT’s magic

Grow your fame

Grow your fame

Grow your fame

Grow your fame

Grow your fame

Grow your sales

Grow your sales

Grow your sales

Grow your sales

Grow your sales

Frequently asked questions

What is Buzzworthy's secret sauce?

Buzz has this unique blend of Russell Brunson’s “perfect webinar” approach and other persuasive techniques, all mixed together to create one-of-a-kind content. It helps your viewers and makes you the go-to expert they can’t get enough of!

When will Buzzworthy be available?

Our beta is will be open to a limited group of people so we can fine-tune the features and data. Want to stay in the loop? Follow Carla, the creator, on Twitter for daily updates!

Will the content created by Buzzworthy be unique?

Yes! Getting your existing data in is easy. Simply export your existing customers to a .csv file and import them within a couple of clicks.